In my April 15th post, I let you know about our exciting new litter of Portuguese Waterdog puppies!

The Argus and Gimlet litter is doing great and the puppies are growing like weeds. At 2.5 weeks old they are all over 2lbs and some have even surpassed 3lbs! Gimlet is being an amazing mother and is very attentive and caring. Here are the latest photos taken when the pups were 2 weeks and 2 days old.

Here’s a sneak peak at these 10 puppies that are available for adoption… if you are interested, definitely fill in our Puppy Questionnaire ! It is step 1 of the adoption process.

Puppy# Gender Colour Coat Weight Description (areas with white)
1 Male Brown Curly 14.9oz white front legs and chest, diamond on back of neck
2 Female Black Curly 14.8oz Perfect Irish markings (white legs, collar, blaze)
3 Male Black Wavy 14.7oz white front legs and chest, splotch on back of neck
4 Female Brown Wavy 12.1oz almost all white, brown spot on left ear and back
5 Male Brown Wavy 13.5oz white on chest and chin
6 Female Brown Curly 12oz white left front paw
7 Male Black Curly 13.3oz white front feet and chest
8 Female Black Wavy 13.3oz white right foot and chest
9 Female Black Curly 12.8oz almost all white with black ears and spots on back
10 Female Brown Wavy 14.3oz almost all white with brown ears and spots on back

And now for some photos!