Acostar Portuguese Water Dogs
Canadian Breeder Located in Ottawa Ontario

Puppy Questionaire

Ensuring the right-fit dog-owner combination is very important to the owner of Acostar, Lesley Millar. Please fill out the following questionnaire so that we can learn more about you and your environment so we can match you with a suitable canine!

Puppy Questionaire
Why do you feel the Portuguese Water Dog is a good choice for your family? How much research have you done on this breed? Are you looking at any other breeds?
How much exposure have you had to PWDs? Have you ever owned one? And if so where did you get your PWD?
Who are the members of your family or household? Please include any other pets and children and their ages.
Do you have a fenced yard? What other facilities do you have in your home and neighbourhood to support a dog?
How will you contain the puppy when it is alone in the home?
How much time do you spend away from the home in a typical week? Ie. work 9-5 week days home on week-ends
How do you feel about crate training?
What experience do you have with dogs?
Have you ever taken a dog to obedience training and how do you feel about basic obedience training?
Have you ever had to remove a dog from your home? If so, what were the circumstances? What did you do with the dog?
What formal dog activities ie. agility, flyball, do you plan on doing with your dog if any?
What activities do you and your family enjoy doing?
How do you plan to deal with typical puppy problems like chewing, crying at night, and soiling in the house?
Do you have a preference for male or female, colour, and coat type? Please explain why.
Do you have a specific time of year that you would prefer to get a puppy
How did you hear about Acostar Portuguese Water Dogs?
Have you thought about the possibility of showing in conformation with your PWD?
Would you please list at least two dog related references? Ie. vet, breeder, friends that have dogs