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What a phenomenal summer!

Once again, Acostar has two new Champions and Nelly has now joined our breeding program.

Acostar’s Summer Lime Cocktail “Gimlet” achieved her CKC Champion title at the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Dog Association shows. She won two Best of winners and 6 Winners ribbons for the 10 required points. She did not enjoy the show ring much and was not happy to be handled by anyone other than me so I handled her for all but 2 of her points. Gimlet is retired from showing in conformation and is spending her time being the sweet, funny, loving clown of the household. She is the daughter of Tia and a wonderful male named Drifter “Timber Oaks Drift Diver”.

Acostar’s Mint Julep “Julep” has so far had an outstanding time in the conformation show ring. She just turned 6 months old on June 11th 2019 and the first show she attended was the Kars Dog Club show the weekend of July 19. Since then, with very limited showing, she has achieved her CKC Championship, won 8 Best Puppy in Groups, one Group 3rd and a Best Puppy in Show! The Best Puppy in Show was awarded at the Sudbury and District Kennel Club show the weekend of September 13th. This is an incredible accomplishment in under 2 months of showing. I thank Judge Vickie Umpleby for the honour of BPIS and all the other judges who have recognized our girl. Julep is currently the #1 PWD puppy in Canada. A special thank you to Linda Thompson who has expertly handled her and Joe Panaro who helped behind the scenes. I would like to thank Sydney Robinson for her excellent grooming of all the Acostar dogs.

Last but not least, Acostar Whoa Nelly Commocean “Nelly” turned 2 years old in late June and has since completed all of her health testing and is genetically normal for everything and received a grade of GOOD on her hips. She has a wonderful sweet, calm, and loving temperament that we hope she will pass on to her future puppies.

More new Champions

Acostar has two new Champions and Skyy has officially joined our breeding program!

Acostar Oshkosh Bgosh Tanaki “Carter” achieved his AKC Champion title in October of 2018 in just 3 weekends of showing. He finished with a total of 19 points and 4 major wins. Respected judge Mr. James Moses awarded Carter a Best of Winners for a 5 point major to finish on the first day of the final weekend. Carter went on to win Select Dog on the last day for his first point toward his Grand Championship. Carter is taking a bit of a break from showing but he’ll be strutting his stuff at the PWDCA National this September in Greeley CO! Here are some photos of Carter’s accomplishments in the USA.

Acostar Whoa Nelly Commocean “Nelly”, this lovely Carter daughter, completed her CKC Championship in March at the Ontario Breeders Association shows in Lindsay ON. She won Best of Winners on the Saturday for 2 points from judge Ben Wasylyshen and then on the Sunday Nelly won Best of Breed over a special for her final points from judge Donald Mahoney. Nelly is just a couple of months away from being old enough to have her hips evaluated. If she receives a passing grade we will be very excited to have her join our breeding program. Here are some photos of Nelly and the terrific judges from her final weekend showing in Canada.

We couldn’t be more happy to announce that Acostar’s Home Sweet Home “Skyy” has officially joined our breeding program! She turned 2 in December and had her hips evaluated in January. She received a grade of EXCELLENT!!!! She is yet another Tia puppy to receive an excellent hip grading from OFA. She will now join her half siblings Carter and Rosa in the legacy of Acostar. She will also begin showing in the US once she matures a bit more. Here are some photos from Skyy’s show career so far.

2018 Acostar Waterdog Champions

The first half of 2018 has seen two new Champions titled to Acostar dogs!

Acostar’s Home Sweet Home “Skyy”

First to achieve her CH title is Acostar’s Home Sweet Home “Skyy”. She accomplished this in just 3 weekends of showing. Her first weekend out at the Champlain Dog Club shows, she won a Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite, Best of Winners/ Best of Breed and two Winners Bitch/ Best of Winners.

Her second weekend, at Club Canin Rive-Sud de Montreal Skyy won three Winners Bitch and on Best of Breed over a special.

And in her final weekend showing at the Arnprior Canine Association shows, she got her last points from winning Winners Bitch 3 times! We are most grateful to Linda Thompson and Joe Panaro for their expert handling, grooming and assistance and care.

Here are some photos of Skyy winning Best of Breed and Winners Bitch:

Acostar’s Bobcaygeon “Hey Jude”

Although we are super happy with Skyy and her accomplishments, the real rock star this spring was Acostars Bobcaygeon “Hey Jude”. He started showing as a baby puppy and brought home a Best Baby Puppy in Group from his very first show and it just went up from there!

To list all of his wins will make this long update even longer, so here’s a summary:

Hey Jude won 16 Best of Breeds (for some of these he was the only dog), two Best Puppies in Group, one adult Group 3rd, three adult Group 4ths, and — his crowning achievement — a Best Puppy In Show! All of this was achieved before the age of 10 months!!

Here are some photos of Jude:

Jude’s first job in life, however, is to be an outstanding assistance dog to his wonderful owner Mrs. Grace McDonald, so he is going to take a break from showing and possibly return when he is older.

Hey Jude is the first Champion puppy from Acostar’s Newfie Calibogus “Cali” and the second from Acostar Oshkosh Bigosh Tanaki “Carter” and we couldn’t be prouder of this completely home bred boy.

Very many thanks go to Carolyne Cybulsky for her expert handling and impeccable grooming of Jude and to Grace and Wayne for being his caregivers, taxi drivers and basically his world.

Weekend of Success!

ROSA Winners Bitch & Best of Opposite

ROSA Best of Winners & New Champion

Acostar has a new CKC CH!

On Sunday May 28th Acostar Stella Rosa Red Wine “Rosa” acquired exactly the 10 points to achieve her CKC Champion title. It was an especially touching moment as she finished her title in Thetford Mines at the Societe Canine de Thetford shows. Judge Fred Dewsbury awarded her Best Of Winners for 3 points. She was expertly handled by Linda Thompson and huge thanks go to Linda and her ring side help Joe Panero.

Rosa is just 18 months old and has a preliminary hip evaluation of excellent and is genetically normal for all other health certifications . She is a littermate sister to Carter and will be joining our breeding program once she turns 2 and receives a passing grade for her hips.





TIA New CD Title

Tia Achieves her CD Title!

Rosa and Carter’s mother, Elkrun Acostar Dream Come True “Tia” was not to be outdone by her kids. Also on Sunday May 28th, she achieved her CD title by obtaining 3 qualifying scores on each of her three first attempts in the novice obedience ring. Not only that but she won 2nd in the first class and 1st in the subsequent two classes and her scores were all in the 180’s. This is truly an amazing accomplishment and we could not be more proud of her. Tia needs to achieve her Working Water Dog title in order to obtain her PWDCA Gold Register of Merit which we hope will happen this water season.

Acostar has a new CKC Champion!

Carter Best Puppy in Group

Carter New Champion & Group Second










In December 2015, Tia had a lovely litter from which we kept two puppies for our breeding program. Carter “Acostar Oshkosh Bgosh Tanaki” was the pick puppy and he has been living and showing out in British Columbia. Before he turned a year old he had won two Best Puppy in Groups and he finished his championship in style winning Best of Breed and a Group second. He finished his weekend of showing with an additional Group third. Carter loves showing so much and he is still so young that he is going to continue to show and we are excited to see how far his star will rise!

Carter’s sister Rosa “Acostar Stella Rosa Red Wine” will be heading to the show ring in April.

So much to share!

It has been far too long between updates so as you can imagine, there is a lot of news to share. The biggest and most exciting change here at Acostar is that we have relocated to Osgoode ON which is a small village located just south of our nation’s capital. We now have a huge yard for the dogs to run all day in and an in ground pool. We are also now just 3 short hours drive from our cottage in Quebec so there will be lots of swimming and water training in the future.

Tia's New Grand Champion

Tia’s New Grand Champion

Aside from the big move there were several other great accomplishments for us here at Acostar this summer. On July 15, Tia was awarded Best of Opposite for her last two points towards her CKC Grand Championship title from judge Mick Jackman. She was beautifully groomed and expertly handled by Linda Thompson. Most of her points towards this title were earned with Tammy Sawatzky handling her so I greatly appreciate her huge contribution to this achievement.


Cali New Champion and Best Canadian Bred in Show

Cali New Champion and Best Canadian Bred in Show

The next day, Saturday July 16th, it was Cali’s turn to shine! She won Winners bitch for her last two points towards her CKC Champion title. She won from the Canadian Bred class and went on to win Best Canadian Bred in Show!!! Sadly there is no photo available. What an incredibly thrilling day and thank you to judge Joe Lobb for the recognition. A special thank you to Tammy Sawatzky, and Catarina Hill who were instrumental in getting the points to achieve this title for Cali. Linda Thompson did a wonderful job showing Cali.


Bella New Champion!

Bella New Champion!

Last but not least. On the Sunday and Monday, July 17 & 18, Bella won winners bitch both days for her last points for her CKC Champion title. Bella earned all but one or two of the points towards this title with me handling her. I am very proud of her because neither of us likes showing very much and it has been a long journey. Bella has been fully health tested and her hips have an OFA rating of “Good” so she now officially joins our breeding program!

Busy busy summer!

Aimee_TiaIt has been a very exciting and busy summer! Aimee, the youngest dog enthusiast in the family made her debut in Junior handling in July at the Kars dog shows just outside of Ottawa. She handled Tia and had a wonderful time and did really well. Also showing that weekend was Captain and our baby Bella also made her debut in the show ring owner handled! Bella showed brilliantly and we both had fun. Captain won Best Of Breed on the Saturday and Sunday earning two more points towards his Grand Championship. Thank you Linda Thompson for handling Captain so beautifully.

Captain_AKCThe first weekend in August Captain showed for 4 days at the Alberta Kennel Club shows held at beautiful Spruce Meadows back in Calgary. Captain was expertly handled by Tammy Sawatzky and won Best of Breed three of the four days and is now only two points away from his CKC Grand Championship title.



CaptainAKC-BOB_01TiaNewAKCCH_01Immediately after, both Captain and Tia headed down to the United States with Juliet Clendenon. Tia needed 5 more points to finish her AKC Championship and Captain needed 7 more points to finish his Grand Championship. On August 21st at the Manhattan Kansas Kennel Club shows Tia won Winners Bitch (WB) and Best Opposite Sex (BOS) for a 3 point major and Captain won Best of Breed (BOB)
for a 5 point major. Then on August 22nd Tia won Best of Winners (BOW) and Captain was select dog for one more point each. On August 24th at the Topeka Kennel Club shows Captain won select dog again for his final point and achieved his AKC Grand Championship. On August 30th at the Cheyenne Kennel Club shows in Wyoming Tia won WB and BOS for another 3 point major to finish her AKC Championship. Captain also won select dog for another 3 point major but his points were just extra. Juliet did an amazing job caring for, grooming and handling Tia and Captain and I am eternally grateful to her for her dedication and hard work. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Lily Joins our Breeding Program!

LilyCamrose-02We would like to officially announce that Lily Acostar Lily’s Garden Shiraz will be part of our breeding program in the future. She turned 2 years old on January 14th and her hip and elbow x-rays were submitted that very day. Her hip results came back GOOD and her elbows are normal. She was certified clear by CERF and is genetically normal for all the other tests for this breed except for improper coat for which she is a carrier. Lily likely won’t be bred until the fall of 2014 at the earliest but we eagerly anticipate her first litter.