April 2023 – Puppies available for adoption! See puppy pictures in our gallery, check out the puppies pedigree and start the adoption process by filling out a puppy questionnaire.

My Goals As A Puppy Breeder

I take my job very seriously!
Photo of Portuguese water dog puppy at Acostar Canadian breeders

It is my goal to improve on the generation of Portuguese Water Dogs that I own, to better the breed as a whole and to do it no harm. In keeping with these principles, all aspects of any breeding will be carefully considered, and the pedigrees of the dogs involved will be extensively researched. Conformations will be scrutinized, but health and temperament will be assessed as equally important. Other reputable breeders with good knowledge of the breed’s history will be consulted for advice on breeding choices. All health tests available will be completed on both sire and dam before breeding is considered. The dogs must have current CERF numbers.

The Importance of Puppy Training

It is extremely important that puppies bred at Acostar PWDs or sired by an Acostar boy be placed in homes where they are nurtured, protected, loved and where their well-being is a priority. These dogs need foundation training at a young age and I will require as a minimum that puppies be taken to both basic obedience and puppy socialization classes (puppy kindergarten). As the puppy matures, ongoing socialization to both humans and other dogs will continue to be very important. Thus, participation in conformation (showing in the ring), agility, obedience, or water work, just to list a few of the possibilities, is ideal for this breed.

Matching Puppy Temperament with New Homes

All puppies will be tested for temperament before going to their prospective new homes. The wishes of hopeful owners will be taken into consideration to the very best of my ability. However, matching the right temperament and activity level of a puppy to the right home will be my highest consideration. For example, a puppy whose temperament test indicates that it may not be suitable for a home with small children will not go to one, even if it is the exact sex, colour and type desired.

Owner Responsibility & Commitment

I fully understand that life circumstances may dictate that a home can no longer keep a puppy. I ask that, no matter what the reason, any home that can no longer keep a puppy will return that puppy to me. There will be no judgement on my part and a refund may be negotiable. A change of this magnitude in the life of a puppy can be quite traumatic. I therefore ask that potential owners do their research and consider the matter very carefully before accepting the responsibility and the commitment of a Portuguese Water Dog in their family. For my part I will commit to keeping in contact for the life of any dog I place and to providing all the support and information I am able to.

Prioritizing The Best Interests of the Portuguese Water Dogs

I reserve the right to sell puppies only to homes that I believe are suitable and appropriate for the puppy. All puppies will be sold on spay/neuter contracts unless the new owners specifically wish to show in conformation and go on to breed. In such cases, I will require a commitment to the same standards as mine.

Fill out our Puppy Questionnaire!

If you are interested in a puppy from Acostar PWDs please fill out the puppy questionnaire and click the submit button when complete. By doing so you will indicate to me that you are serious about having a puppy and that you understand the commitment involved. I will keep in contact with you through the breeding and whelping. Once the puppies are clearly stable and healthy, I will accept a refundable 50% deposit to hold a puppy for you. I would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in a PWD to come, visit, meet my family and me and meet my dogs.

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