Here is a list of Acostar’s retired Champion and Grand Champion Portuguese water dogs. Click on each dog’s name to find out more about them.

Acostar Isabella’s Islay “Bella”

Canadian Champion

Reg#: CKC AU548651
DOB: October 28, 2013
Hair: Black with white stripe on chest/Wavy

Bella is a very special girl. She was the only puppy born in Keke’s last litter. Her sire C-Lions Sequel to the Ring “Sam” is a boy that we had been wanting to breed to for years and the journey to achieve this breeding was a long and arduous one. Being the only puppy meant that Bella had to be born via C-section so her delivery was a rather stressful one. Bella has a very unique personality that may come from having been an only puppy and having never left her mother. We love her dearly though and once she is finished her championship in conformation it will be on to other venues to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Here’s another photo of Bella:

Acostar’s Newfie Calibogus “Cali”

Canadian Champion

Cali at Regional Specialty 2015
Acostar’s Newfie Calibogus at Regional Specialty 2015

Reg#: CKC BU586330
DOB: October 20, 2014
Hair: Black and white/Wavy

Cali is without doubt the easiest puppy we have ever raised here at Acostar. She is relatively quiet and very well behaved and despite her smaller size she will take on all other dogs for a lively play session. She came from Acostar Lily’s Garden Shiraz—Lily’s  first litter bred to a male that was born just a few days after her named Joey. Joey: Marshview Uh, How You doin’? is a top winning dog from Wisconsin and we are very proud and grateful to have been the first to breed to him. We thank Pat Devries and Janice Kaspar for allowing us to breed to Joey and for all that you did to facilitate Cali’s litter. A special thank you to Julie Vanerbush for taking such great care of Lily while she was visiting.

Here’s another photo of Cali:

Acostar’s Newfie Calibogus visiting the Koi pond
Acostar’s Newfie Calibogus visiting the Koi pond

Elkrun’s Make It So At Acostar “Captain”

American Grand Champion/Canadian Grand Champion

Elkrun’s Make It So At Acostar

Reg#: AKC WS38392006 CKC 1116527
DOB: July 24, 2011
Hair: Brown with white/curly

Captain is a wonderfully loving and charming dog! Having a male dog in a home full of females most certainly changes the dynamic and can potentially make life more of a challenge but this boy is definitely worth it! He is calm, gentle and easy to train — Captain definitely rounded out our breeding program perfectly.

Here are some more photos of Captain:

Acostar’s London Lejay Cassis “Cassie”

Canadian Champion

Photo of Canadian Champion Portuguese Water Dog - Cassie
Acostar’s London Lejay Cassis “Cassie”

Reg: CKC#XU380674
DOB: October 15, 2010
Hair: Black with white stripe on chest/Wavy

Cassie was the last puppy born in the Keke X Mackenzie litter and I think Keke must have been saving the best for last. This was such a nice litter that there was no question that we were going to keep a female to add to our breeding program. The choice came down to Cassie and one of her sisters and for weeks I compared the two and I just could not decide which I liked best. In the end I needed the guidance of some other breeder friends and Cassie was the one we kept. It has turned out to be an excellent choice. Cassie is affectionate, gentle with the kids, smart, and calm, just like her mother. She won a Best Puppy in Group at only 9 months old and we are very pleased with the way she is turning out. Cassie had 3 beautiful litters for us and is now retired and living with her forever family in Cold Lake Alberta.

Check out these stunning pics of Cassie:

Acostar Aquadea at Birch Bay “Dea”

Canadian Champion

Registration# CKC CG60173
DOB: April 18, 2015
Hair: Black and White Irish markings curly

Thanks to Grant Townsend for awarding Dea best of winners in Camrose Show – those points finish Dea’s Canadian Championship. Thanks to Cheryl Kabarchuk from Rover Come Over Grooming Studio in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta for all of her expert grooming and handling.

Thanks to Grant Townsend for awarding Dea best of winners in Camrose Show – those points finish Dea’s Canadian Championship. Thanks to Cheryl Kabarchuk from Rover Come Over Grooming Studio in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta for all of her expert grooming and handling.

Aquadea (Call Name Dea) is a fun loving girl that loves to work; we do water trials, rally-O, obedience and agility. The more she works, the happier she is! She has a beautiful thick curly coat and an excellent temperament. She loves all dogs and people. Dea currently lives in Sherwood Park Alberta with her owners, but will be moving to Kelowna BC in the spring of 2018. That will give her lots of beautiful lakes to continue her water training.

Check out these fabulous photos of water-loving Dea.

Acostar’s Summer Lime Cocktail “Gimlet”

Canadian Champion

Registration# CKC FN774975
DOB: July 09 2018
Hair: Brown with white markings/Curly

Gimlet is a compact girl with a big personality. She’s very active and playful and loves the water. She was completely owner handled to her CKC Championship and has become a valued member of my breeding program. She has produced one lovely litter for us so far and is a very attentive and competent mother.

Acostar’s Mint Julep

Canadian Champion

Registration# CKC FY785461
DOB: December 11, 2018
Hair: Black and white Irish marked/Wavy

Julep is an absolutely amazing girl. She has won 14 Best of Breeds, 12 Best Puppy in Group and a Best Puppy In Show and that was all by the time she was 11 months old. She finished her CKC Championship in a very short time and even had an adult Group 3 placement as a puppy. Aside from her showing success, she has the most wonderful temperament. She’s calm, affectionate, playful, goofy, and sweet.

Oreobay Keke Beach Acostar “Keke”

American Grand Champion/Canadian Champion

Acostar water dog Keke - American Grand Champion/Canadian Champion

Reg: AKC# WS22132705 CKC#1097522
DOB: April 28, 2007
Hair: Black with white/wavy

Dixie (OreoBay Ready To Run), Keke’s dam, was offered as an 8 week old puppy to be the foundation bitch of Acostar. Circumstances at the time were not right for us to have a puppy so we regretfully declined. Dixie grew into a very lovely little girl and after her first litter with Brutus (Ebb Tide’s Great Awakenings) it became our mission to get a girl from the litter from a repeated breeding of the two.

After what seemed like forever, the greatly anticipated litter began to arrive. First one boy, then two, then four, there were only five puppies expected so panic began to set in. Finally the last puppy born was a girl, our beautiful Keke, and was she ever worth the wait. She has absolutely beautiful conformation, exactly the type we had hoped for. And her temperament is the perfect blend of sweet and cuddly with a strong hey lets do something! She has been a marvellous addition to our family and holds her place as “the most special one”.  Although retired from breeding and getting up in age, she continues to compete in the area that she adores the most, Agility. Watch for more letters to be added at the end of her name soon!

Acostar Lily’s Garden Shiraz “Lily”

Canadian Champion

Photo of Canadian Champion – Lily – PWD

Reg: CKC#ZA440671
DOB: January 14, 2012
Hair: Black with white front feet/wavy

Lily is puppy number 8 from our 8th litter! She comes from the long awaited breeding between our Keke and CH Sandstone’s Ziggy Stardust “Ziggy”. She has one of the most sweet and playful personalities that I have ever seen in a PWD. Lily spent most of her first year travelling and has become amazingly accommodating and adaptable to most living situations. She likes the water better than Keke so we have high hopes for her to follow in her mother’s footsteps and perhaps even surpass her mother’s accomplishments.

Here are some photos of sweet Lily:

Acostar Whoa “Nelly” Commocean

Canadian Champion

"Nelly" Acostar's Canadian Champion Portuguese Water Dog
Acostar whoa Nelly Commocean “Nelly”

Reg: CKC # EL723288
DOB: June 26, 2017
Hair: Brown with white markings/ Wavy

Nelly is a sweet, fun, and easy-going girl. She is a daughter of our boy Carter, bred by a good friend Lorraine Davidson of Commocean Kennels. She has a lovely thick dark brown coat and a most loving personality. Nelly produced 3 lovely male additions to our breeding program Vuitton, Tate, and Oslo. Such a valuable contribution. She is now spayed and living her best life on an acreage in rural Ontario.

Here are some photos of sweet Nelly:

Acostar Angelo’s Good As Gold “Phoenix”

Canadian Champion

Acostar Champion Phoenix - PWD
Acostar Champion Phoenix – PWD

Reg: CKC# TN174370
DOB: July 18, 2007
Hair: Black & white/wavy

Phoenix is now neutered

The Tole family is proud to introduce our newest member Acostar Angelo’s Good As Gold, or Phoenix as we call him.

After researching many breed types we decided that the PWD was best suited for our family-and we definitely have not been disappointed! We first contacted Lesley, to arrange a visit to see her porties and were excited to find out we would have a chance to own one with Sabra having just had puppies. One of first concerns with any dog is temperament but after seeing how wonderful Sabra was and hearing the same about the sire Elton, we were determined to have a pup from this litter. When Lesley offered Phoenix as a show prospect puppy we wanted the opportunity to try him in the show ring.

Phoenix is a very handsome boy with a well proportioned head, a broad chest and strong forearms, and striking parti-colour markings we love! Most of all though, he has the wonderful temperament we were hoping for-confident (neither shy nor aggressive), energetic, intelligent and eager to learn with just enough self-will to keep us on our toes!! …and, he loves to be with his family. We hope for great things in the show ring from him and our eldest daughter would love to give junior handling and agility/obedience trials a try. No matter what comes of that though, he’ll always be a cherished member of our family first and foremost. Also, thank you Lesley for your help and on-going support.

Take a look at some photos of Phoenix:

Acostar Stella Rosa Red Wine “Rosa”

Canadian Champion

Acostar Stella Rosa Red Wine “Rosa”
Rosa Best of Winners & New Champion

Reg: CKC CY633212
DOB: December 9th, 2015
Hair: Black with silver fox markings/Wavy

Rosa is the pick female from the Tia bred to Cooper litter from 2015 and Carter’s littermate. She finished her Championship quickly and brought home points from every show weekend that she attended. She has Best of Winners, Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite wins to her credit. She is retired from showing and breeding and is now living a wonderful life in Nova Scotia where she gets to play in the ocean every day.

Here’s a couple more photos of Rosa:

Acostar’s Porto Rubi “Ruby”

Canadian Champion

Acostar’s Porto Rubi “Ruby”
Acostar PWD Canadian Champion Ruby

Reg: CKC#UA201127
DOB: January 14, 2008
Hair: Black with white/curly

Ruby was puppy #4 from Sabra’s third and final litter and with her it was a case of love at first site and I hoped she would be the pick of the litter so that we’d be able to keep her. She was given the “ruby red” ribbon and while she was with the litter she was always called “ruby red” so we had to work that into her registered name somehow. She grew and developed beautifully and when it came time to evaluate the litter at 8 weeks of age she stood out as the nicest girl so she became a permanent member of our family. We are so thrilled to have her especially because she is her mother all over again. She is sweet and gentle and amazingly laid back. She loves children and wants to be with the family all the time.

Ruby has grown into a truly stunning girl and she is admired by everyone from the judges in the ring to the other dog owners in the park. She completed her Canadian Championship very quickly (in only 4 shows) and produced 4 top quality litters for us. Ruby is now fully retired and living with a good friend Julie AuCoin and her daughter Aubree.

Here are some more pics of Ruby:

Acostar’s Home Sweet Home “Skyy”

Canadian Champion

Acostar's Home Sweet Home "Skyy"

Reg: # CKC DY686914
DOB: December 18, 2016
Hair: Black with white markings/ Wavy

Skyy was a wonderful addition to our breeding program. She is a fun, feisty, and playful girl who has boundless energy. She loves the water every bit as much as her mother. She finished her CKC Championship very quickly in just 3 weekends of showing. Much gratitude goes to Linda Thompson who expertly showed her for every point. Skyy now lives with a wonderful couple in Arnprior in a huge home along the river.

Here are some photos of Skyy:

Elkrun Acostar Dream Come True “Tia”

Canadian Champion

Elkrun Acostar Dream Come True “Tia”
Elkrun Acostar Dream Come True “Tia” shown by J’nevelyn Martin

Reg: AKC# WS36865809 CKC#1114522
DOB: December 31, 2011
Hair: Brown with brown fox/curly

Our girl Tia came to us at 8 weeks and she was the smallest puppy of that age I had ever seen. Like the saying goes, great things come in small packages and that certainly was the case with Tia. She has been a joy to raise and has fit in perfectly with the whole family here. She finished her CKC Championship very quickly and achieved her AKC Championship with equal success. Thank you Ms. J’nevelyn Martin for entrusting me with this fabulous and beautiful girl. While having had 2 beautiful litters she has also achieved titles in agility and water work. Next we will be venturing into the obedience ring so watch for more letters to be added to the end of Tia’s name!

Here are some photos of Tia:

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