Meet Lesley Millar

As a family, we work as a team!

My name is Lesley Millar. I am part of a happy family of 7, with three canine and four human members. My husband Rod is extremely supportive. We have a young son, Hayden, and a younger daughter, Aimee. We live with up to three “Porties” at a time and co-own several living in other homes.

Photo of Lesley Millar with one of her champion waterdogs

My Background

I have always had a passionate love for animals of all kinds.

I have a BSc. in Biology from University of Ottawa and went on to earn a diploma in Veterinary Technology from St. Lawrence College.

I have had family dogs, both purebred and mixed, from when I was 12 years old. In college I worked at the local Humane Society, was involved in a foster program, and rescued countless animals that I was able to place, mostly with my friends and family members.

Since I was a little girl it has been a dream of mine to breed dogs. When it came time to begin this journey, I searched for a breed that matched the personality traits that I enjoyed in my old Border Collie Lab mix named Morgan.

“Since I was a little girl it has been a dream of mine to breed dogs.”

Lesley Millar, Acostar Water Dog Breeder

With their love of water and pure zest for life, the Portuguese Water Dog was the obvious choice. My husband agreed, preferring a breed that would not shed, since Morgan shed enough for 4 PWDs. I was first introduced to the PWD while running agility with Morgan. One of his best competitors was “Purple”, Armada’s Purple Rain who is my foundation bitch Sabra’s grandfather. I was not immediately love-struck by the breed as many others are. My adoration developed slowly over time. However, once I was hooked my enthusiasm was boundless and even before I got my first PWD I was a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America.

Photo of Lesley Millar and her family, Owner of Acostar Portuguese Water Dog Breeders
Lesley Millar with her family

My dogs and I participate in several activities, including water work, agility, obedience, and conformation.

Avidog Associate Breeder

Raising our dogs the Avidog Way
The Avidog Associate Seal

We are excited to join Avidog as an official Associate Breeder. Read more about our commitment here.

Avidog also offers benefits to new dog owners or people considering adopting a dog. You can learn more on the Avidog website here.

Here are my commitments to my dogs and new families:

  • I will disclose all health information on my dogs to future puppy owners and potential breeding partners.
  • I will follow each puppy I produce throughout its entire life in order to provide the best support for both the animal and its owners.
  • I will provide thorough care, thoughtful socialization and positive training to all the puppies while they are in my home.
  • Finally, I will inform new puppy owners about the variety of venues in which the PWD can excel and I will encourage them to participate.

Water Dog Organizations & Clubs

I am involved in the dogs community

The dogs are registered with a number of agility organizations, including the United Kennel Club, the Agility Association of Canada, and NADAC. I am currently a member in good standing of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada, the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America and the Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club as well as the Canadian Kennel Club.

As a breeder, I commit to a number of objectives that I believe are essential. I research the pedigrees and health of the both parents and siblings of any dogs involved in any breeding that I do.

This is perhaps the most important step towards ensuring that the puppies are the soundest possible in temperament, structure, and health.

Summer Is Lake Time!

During summer, we spend as much time in the water as possible.
Working with our dog Tia at the lake!
Working with our dog Tia at the lake!
Fun for both dogs & the families!
Fun for both the dogs & the families!
More fun on the water with Tia!
Water dogs love to help out!