Well the health statistics for the Acostar dogs are coming in fast and furious. In the last couple of months both Phoenix Acostar Angelo’s Good as Gold and Ruby Acostar’s Porto Rubi have been tested for GM-1 and PRA and both have come back normal. This was wonderful news because although both of Ruby’s parents were normal Phoenix’s father was a carrier for the gene producing PRA. This means that Phoenix could have been a carrier himself so we are just thrilled that he is not. Phoenix was also tested for the disease JDCM and his results came back 1-1 probable normal. Ruby had preliminary hip evaluations done at both OFA and the Ontario Veterinary Collage. OFA gave her a rating of GOOD and OVC certified her free of hip dysplasia. This now means that Phoenix’s health testing is complete and he is now available at stud to approved bitches. Yay Phoenix! Plans are underway to breed Keke Oreobay Keke Beach Acostar again some time in January.