We are very happy to announce that the Sabra (Tanaki’s Aphrodite) and Elton (Sandstone’s Pin Ball Wizard) puppies were born yesterday vibrant and healthy. On Monday July 16th an X-ray was taken of those puppies and we got a count of 7. Although Sabra’s due date was not until July 20th she started labour on July 17th and after almost exactly 9 hours she produced 9 healthy puppies all on July 18th. We thought she was done after 7 pups so I cleaned her and the whelping box up and started to relax. We were a little surprised when number 8 popped out. Thinking this had to be the last one, I sent my helper home but I was able to handle the last one on my own. Phew! The name theme for this litter is going to be from Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors. I would like to thank Rachel Reid for her help whelping 8 of the 9 of these precious puppies and I would also like to thank Deerfoot North Small Animal Hospital for their superb medical support. Here are the details:

Puppy #1 Female Black & White Curly Born 4:51am weight: 9.1 oz
Puppy #2 Female Black Wavy Born 5:27am weight: 11.2oz
Puppy #3 Male Black & White Wavy Born: 7:29am weight: 7.4oz
Puppy #4 Female White & Black Wavy Born: 8:16am weight: 11.2oz
Puppy #5 Female Black & White Wavy Born: 9:35am weight: 4.3oz
Puppy #6 Male Black & White Wavy Born: 10:30am weight: 11.3oz
Puppy #7 Male Black Wavy Born: 11:49am weight: 8.85oz
Puppy #8 Male White & Black Curly Born: 12:38pm weight: 13.50oz
Puppy #9 Female Black Wavy Born: 1:42pm weight: 9.9oz

Congratulations to Sabra and Val Berry and Petro Haring of Sandstone Portuguese Water Dogs who bred the parents of this very nice litter.