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New Litter

We are very happy to announce that the Sabra (Tanaki’s Aphrodite) and Elton (Sandstone’s Pin Ball Wizard) puppies were born yesterday vibrant and healthy. On Monday July 16th an X-ray was taken of those puppies and we got a count of 7. Although Sabra’s due date was not until July 20th she started labour on July 17th and after almost exactly 9 hours she produced 9 healthy puppies all on July 18th. We thought she was done after 7 pups so I cleaned her and the whelping box up and started to relax. We were a little surprised when number 8 popped out. Thinking this had to be the last one, I sent my helper home but I was able to handle the last one on my own. Phew! The name theme for this litter is going to be from Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors. I would like to thank Rachel Reid for her help whelping 8 of the 9 of these precious puppies and I would also like to thank Deerfoot North Small Animal Hospital for their superb medical support. Here are the details:

Puppy #1 Female Black & White Curly Born 4:51am weight: 9.1 oz
Puppy #2 Female Black Wavy Born 5:27am weight: 11.2oz
Puppy #3 Male Black & White Wavy Born: 7:29am weight: 7.4oz
Puppy #4 Female White & Black Wavy Born: 8:16am weight: 11.2oz
Puppy #5 Female Black & White Wavy Born: 9:35am weight: 4.3oz
Puppy #6 Male Black & White Wavy Born: 10:30am weight: 11.3oz
Puppy #7 Male Black Wavy Born: 11:49am weight: 8.85oz
Puppy #8 Male White & Black Curly Born: 12:38pm weight: 13.50oz
Puppy #9 Female Black Wavy Born: 1:42pm weight: 9.9oz

Congratulations to Sabra and Val Berry and Petro Haring of Sandstone Portuguese Water Dogs who bred the parents of this very nice litter.