It has been a difficult couple of days here at Acostar as we have said goodbye to Johnnie.

On Wednesday January 10th at 5:30am I dropped him off at the airport to board a plane to Chicago. His co-owner Nigel Clark who lives in Elkhart Indiana has wanted to compete in conformation with him as a special in the United States since 2005. Also Johnnie has found it quite stressful living with our two very young and very active children. That combined with having difficulty adjusting to a litter of puppies and Sabra having been away for so long in October has led us to the decision to send him back to Nigel permanently.

She already owns an intact male Johnnie’s father Oreo, and since he does not tolerate other males in his home for long periods of time, Johnnie will stay with Tabby and Justin Thompson and their family. I have agreed to transfer ownership to Nigel and them, and in return I will get the proceeds from Johnnie’s first breeding. Tabby and Justin have two sons in their teens as well as a one year old female Portuguese named Laney so Johnnie will have several play mates. If you are interested you can follow Johnnie’s new life and accomplishments at and as always . Tabby tells me he has settled in nicely and gets along beautifully with the family members, even the CATS!

Best wishes sweet boy, you will always be in our hearts and I will check in on you often.