Well as expected it has been a very exciting Christmas for us! In the early morning hours of Christmas day Sabra whelped 6 beautiful healthy puppies with no complications. Would you believe they are all male! The first three were curly and the other three were wavy and we thought we were going to have all mostly black puppies until the last one popped out white. He has quite nice markings with a mostly black head with a thin white line running between his eyes. The were on the large size so we were pleased that Sabra didn’t have any trouble and they are all doing wonderfully and gaining weight. They are active and vocal and Sabra is doing really well also.

Their stats break down as follows:
Puppy #1 – male – mostly black – curly – born 3:00am – weighing 12.4oz
Puppy #2 – male – mostly black – curly – born 3:49am – weighing 12.5oz
Puppy #3 – male – mostly black – curly – born 5:02am – weighing 12.4oz
Puppy #4 – male – mostly black – wavy – born 5:14am – weighing 12.4oz
Puppy #5 – male – almost all black – wavy – born 6:07am – weighing 14.4oz
Puppy #6 – male – white and black – wavy – born 6:28am – weighing 12.4oz

All in all a very consistent litter! Congratulations to Sabra and to Beverly Jorgensen and Val Berry who bred the parents of this lovely litter.

check out the puppy page for more info and pictures!