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Consider adopting a Portuguese water dog!

Water dogs love swimming!

Acostar Portuguese Water Dogs doing what they were meant to!

We have ongoing litters of puppies available. Contact us if you are interested in bringing a Portuguese water dog puppy into your home. You can also fill out our Puppy Questionnaire. We care a lot about the well-being of these special breed of canines and take the time to ensure right-fit homes.

All the puppies from our current litter are spoken for. Hoping for a litter to be born in January!

About Acostar
Acostar PWDs is owned and operated by Lesley Millar, located in Ottawa, Ontario – Canada. Lesley is lucky to have the full support of her family in this business. You can read more about Lesley here.

What Makes Portuguese Water Dogs So Special?
These water dogs have an incredibly rich history as working crew members on Portugal fishing vessels. Once their services were no longer required, they almost went extinct and were saved by some very dedicated individuals devoted to preserving this special breed of dog. Read more about the water dog history and characteristics here.

The Canadian (CA) Standard
Portuguese water dogs are champions and show dogs, engaging in competitions in Canada and around the world. They have strict standards and requirements regarding physical characteristics. Read more about the CA Standard here.

Let Us Help!
All in all, bringing a Portuguese water dog into your life and your family can be extremely exciting and rewarding. At the same time, these dogs have very specific needs. Let us help you figure out if this is the right match for you.

And remember…

Portuguese water dogs love the water!

Portuguese water dogs love the water!